Leave our meetings feeling confident, with clear direction and a lighter step.

I believe you hold the key to your success. Together, we will assess your needs and take practical, applied approaches based on sound management theories. This iterative process will help you uncover areas on which you need to concentrate in order to move forward.  

Investing in yourself and your leadership abilities now, will help you navigate the many complexities that come with being a leader in today’s climate. 

Choose the approach that works for you. 

Just In Time Check In – 3 one-hour sessions

Sessions focused on helping established leaders work through challenges such as:

  • change in organizational dynamics
  • feeling unable to act
  • re-evaluating your effectiveness as a leader

Just In Time Check In time commitment: three, one-hour sessions. 

 Turbo Speed for the Aspiring Leader

Sessions focused on helping aspiring leaders work through challenges such as:

  • entering a leadership position for the first time 
  • juggling multiple priorities
  • tasked with leading organizational or process change

Turbo Speed time commitment: sessions are offered over either 4 or 6 months and have a commitment of 8 and 12 hours. 

Management Consulting 

Designed for both aspiring and established leaders. These sessions are designed to help you and your team with:

  • Developing a deeper understanding within your team on performance outcomes and career planning.
  • Building a stronger culture of collaboration and empowerment.
  • Reviewing the organization’s reporting structure, roles and accountabilities of your people.

Management Consulting Sessions time commitment: length of sessions varies depending on need.

Succession Planning  

Designed to help both aspiring and established leaders.

Successful organizations not only focus diligently on reviewing and developing their financial strength, they also focus diligently on reviewing and developing the strength of their management teams. 

I will walk you through a recognized succession planning program enabling your management team to work within your organization’s business goals to: 

  • Identify up and coming leaders demonstrating key attributes that align with staff aspirations.
  • Optimize the talent in your organization to reward and retain talented people. 
  • Recognize and properly align key experts within your organization. 

Succession Planning Sessions time commitment: length of sessions varies depending on need.